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In Dominican Republic, journalists are killed in radio booth during live broadcast

A radio announcer and the director of a radio station in the Dominican Republic were killed on the morning of Feb. 14 in the city of San Pedro de Macorís. According to EFE, an armed man entered the location and began firing several times. However, local media pointed out that there could have been two male attackers. Read more »

Man accused of being mastermind behind 2011 murder of Dominican journalist has been arrested in Colombia

Matías Avelino Castro of the Dominican Republic, alleged mastermind behind the murder of Dominican journalist José Agustín Silvestre in 2011, was arrested on April 3 in Bogotá, Colombia, reported Colonel Juan Carlos Gómez, chief of Interpol Colombia, according to AFP. Read more »

Court in Dominican Republic declares imprisonment unconstitutional in cases of defamation against government

Media in the Dominican Republic welcomed a ruling from the country's Constitutional Court that declared as unconstitutional a set of articles that imposed prison sentences on media owners and workers found to be responsible for defamation. Read more »

Amid attacks, journalists demand guarantees for election coverage from outgoing Haitian president

Journalists in Haiti and the Dominican Republic urged the current Haitian President Michel Martelly to give them all guarantees necessary to properly cover the electoral process, which, they say, is taking place in the midst of attacks on freedom of expression by the outgoing government. Read more »

Amnesty International’s annual report highlights threats against freedom of expression in Latin America

Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico and Dominican Republic were the countries in the Americas with the most alerts on violations or possible threats against freedom of expression in 2012, according to Amnesty International's 2013 annual report on the state of human rights around the world. Read more »

Legislators in Dominican Republic propose to remove prison terms for defamation in new Penal Code

The President of the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic, Demostenes Martínez, announced yesterday that prison sentences for defamation and slander have been removed from the Penal Code reform, currently being reviewed in the legislature, said news website dr1.

Martínez said he considered prison terms for the offenses unconstitutional, and said the new code recommends only fines for anyone convicted of either crime, according to dr1. Read more »

Dominican newspapers say defamation law is unconstitutional

The presidents of three newspapers in the Dominican Republic have asked for the decriminalization of defamation, in the Law on Expression and Diffusion of Thought and in the Penal Code, on the grounds on unconstitutionality, reported the newspaper El Día. Read more »

Dominican prosecutor to investigate fake press releases

The Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Domínguez Brito, opened an investigation into a series of fake press releases sent to the media, according to the news agency UPI. Read more »

Dominican anti-drug agency warns media to beware fake press releases

The Dominican Republic's anti-drug agency warned the media that a group of impostors had been sending fake press releases supposedly signed by the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD in Spanish), reported the newspaper Hoy on Monday, Jan. 21. Read more »


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