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How journalists can measure and engage with their audiences: Sign up now for Knight Center’s new online course

There is a lot of content fighting for attention in today’s media ecosystem. That’s why it’s special when someone decides to land on your page, flip open your publication or view your program.

But how do you find out who those people are and figure out how to keep them coming back? How do you attract even more people so that your news organization’s reporting can reach more people in a more engaged way?

The next Big Online Course (BOC) from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas will help you answer those questions. Read more »

How to use Facebook Live for journalism and to improve user engagement: Lessons from Spanish-language media

This story is part of a series on Innovative Journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.(*)

When ranchera singer Pedro Infante died in April 1957, then-nascent Mexican television broadcast his funeral live, with black-and-white images showing a crowd following his funeral procession through the streets of Mexico City. It became a historic television broadcast in that country. Read more »

Mexico's Pictoline engages audiences by explaining complex issues with intelligent, fun graphic communication

This story is part of a series on Innovative Journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.(*)

When Eduardo Salles co-founded Pictoline at the end of 2015, he was not trying to explain the world with “little drawings.” Rather, the challenge was to use design as a tool to make information relevant and understandable for all people. Read more »

ISOJ: Engaging audience members remains key to harnessing social media

By Nathan Frandino

Avery Holton of the University of Texas at Austin speaks at the International Symposium on Online Journalism/ Natalie Krebs for The Knight Center.

Social media is here to stay, but will the media learn to be social and actually engage? Read more »


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