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An independent digital media outlet in Uruguay achieved financial sustainability in just one year, but growing is a risk

Achieving financial sustainability is quite a feat for a new digital journalistic media outlet, especially if it comes from a small country. That is why the case of the Uruguayan site Amenaza Roboto is remarkable. Within a year, the multimedia platform that covers science and technology produced in Latin America for a Spanish-speaking audience has paid all its bills. Read more »

Courses on entrepreneurship and management arrive at Brazilian universities' journalism programs

Renowned university journalism programs across Brazil will open courses on entrepreneurship, management and business from now until 2018, and many have already included the content into their curricula. Read more »

Journalism’s Future: A webinar with Dan Gillmor; register now

Where is journalism heading? What is the role of entrepreneurship in today’s complicated media landscape? Journalists from Latin America and the Caribbean can learn about these and other topics during the two-hour webinar, “Journalism's Future: Conversation, Data, Entrepreneurship,” that will be offered in English on Tuesday, Oct. 16, by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Read more »


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