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Independent journalists in Nicaragua report physical attacks, death threats and defamation campaigns on social media

As attacks against journalists in Nicaragua grow after months of protest, independent journalists in the country are calling for freedom to carry out their work. They are also expressing hope in the international organizations on the ground that are working to curb violence in the Central American nation. Read more »

Bolivian city’s government suspends ads on local newspaper in apparent reprisal over video

The government of Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra canceled the ads that usually run in local newspaper El Deber after the latter published in its website a video that shows the city's mayor Percy Fernández Áñez touching the leg of a journalist sitting next to him, the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) said last week. Read more »

Mexican journalist says state government’s investigation against relative is an attempt to intimidate her news team

A Mexican journalist accused the government of the state of Chiapas of trying to intimidate her news team through legal actions against a family member. Read more »

Mexican authorities investigate journalist who tweeted about return of criminal group to Oaxaca

Mexican journalist Sofía Valdivia reported that she is being investigated by the country's Office of the General Prosecutor (PGR in Spanish) for posting on her Twitter account about the possible return of a criminal group in Oaxaca, news site Animal Político reported. Read more »

Ecuadorian freedom of expression organization denounces government harassment, fears dissolution

Ecuador’s National Secretariat for Communications (SECOM) has placed the freedom of expression organization Fundamedios under its administrative control. The organization believes this action seeks to harass them and fears it could lead to its dissolution. Read more »

Posters condemning radio journalist found in several Argentine cities

height="240"Posters with the face of journalist Jorge Lanata found in cities across Argentina. Source: @juanpmansilla

Bolivian reporters flee to Brazil, claiming officials ordered warrants for their arrest

Two Bolivian journalists were forced to flee to Brazil after suffering legal harassment by public officials on Oct. 13, reported the newspaper Opinión. The reporters from Cobija, capital of the northern department of Pando, claimed that officials with the department Prosecutor's office attempted to arrest them, according to the newspaper. Read more »

Government bullies investigative reporters, private broadcasters in Trinidad and Tobago, says IPI

The International Press Institute (IPI) decried government harassment of investigative reporters in Trinidad and Tobago and accused the islands' communications ministry of abusing a dormant broadcasting rule, reported the organization on Thursday, Oct. 4, and Friday, Oct. 5. Read more »


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