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Daily News Digest: Journalists in Vale do Aço, Brazil are "indignant, terrified" after the murder of two colleagues

  • Journalists in Vale do Aço, Brazil are indignant and terrified after the murder of two colleagues, with hints of police involvement, in a period of a few weeks. [CPJ]

Language Evolves: A timeline of how terms come and go from the AP Stylebook

The Associated Press’ decision to drop the term “illegal immigrant” last week made headlines and sparked debate on both sides of the political spectrum. Another style decision that turned heads? Dropping the hyphen from “e-mail.” “That caused quite a stir,” AP Deputy Standards Editor and AP Stylebook co-editor David Minthorn remembered wryly. Read more »

AP drops "illegal immigrant" from Stylebook

​The Associated Press reversed its defense of the term “illegal immigrant” and dropped it from the AP Stylebook, according to the wire service’s blog on Tuesday, April 2. 

AP Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll said on the blog: Read more »

Survey suggests generational divide over term “illegal immigrant” in newsrooms

This fall has seen a rekindling of the controversy over the continued use of the term “illegal immigrant” by some of the United States’ most prestigious news organizations. Both sides of the debate have hunkered down for a culture war but the dilemma may resolve itself as a younger, more diverse wave of journalists enters the newsroom, as a recent ABC/Univision survey suggested. Read more »

Cuba expels journalist for interviewing activist

Cuban authorities have given independent journalist Alexis Ferrer 72 hours to leave the island, reported the site Cuba Encuentro.

The blogger was arrested and interrogated after interviewing activist Eliécer Ávila for a documentary Ferrer was preparing for the site the journalist co-founded, La Cubanada. Read more »

Mexican immigration authorities raid newspaper searching for undocumented immigrants

Mexican immigration authorities raided the offices of a newspaper in the state of Chiapas, bordering Guatemala, searching for undocumented immigrants on Wednesday, April 25, reported the news agency Proceso. Read more »

U.S. Spanish- and English-language journalists can apply now for immigration reporting training program

The International Center for Journalists is accepting applications for its 2012 Scripps Howard immigration reporting program, scheduled to run July 15-22 in Washington, D.C. The deadline to apply is May 28. Read more »

After being pardoned for libel, owner of Ecuadoran newspaper El Universo arrives in Panama, where he has been offered asylum

After being offered asylum in Panama to avoid a $40 million libel lawsuit and three years in prison, one of the owners of the Ecuadoran newspaper El Universo, Carlos Pérez Barriga, arrived in Panama on Saturday, March 3, and met with the country's chancellor, Roberto Henríquez, reported the news agency Ansa Latina. Read more »


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