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Fake news, funding and innovations in the media will be highlights at Media Party in Buenos Aires

For five years, the Buenos Aires, Argentina branch of Hacks/Hackers has gathered thousands of journalists and tech experts in its fair city to discuss the future of news and innovation. This September, the conference known as Media Party will address one of the biggest threats to the news industry and greatest opportunities for innovation: fake news. Read more »

Knight Center’s e-book “Innovative Journalism in Latin America” now also available in English and Portuguese

“Innovative Journalism in Latin America,” the new free e-book from the Knight Center, is now available in English and Portuguese. Read more »

Journalists from Ibero-America share innovation projects at the Knight Center’s Colloquium on Digital Journalism

(*)For other coverage of the 10th Ibero American Colloquium for Digital Journalism, please see below.

Innovation is opening up more and more paths in traditional and digital media in the Spanish-speaking world thanks to interesting journalistic projects in Latin America and Spain, which have gradually found ways to tackle technological and funding challenges. Read more »

With short videos, less text and a lot of humor, Latin American sites are looking for the formula to attract millennials

This story is part of a series on Innovative Journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.(*)

Millennials came of age alongside the internet and consume news and information differently than previous generations. As in other parts of the world, Latin Americans have created niche sites with content made to reach this population. Read more »

"We define ourselves as 'platform-agnostic,'" says founder of Salvadorian news site El Faro (video)

This year El Salvador's acclaimed news website El Faro celebrates its 16th anniversary.

When it launched in 1998, the outlet broke new ground when it became the country's first independent digital-native news site. Nowadays El Faro is often cited as an example of excellence in Latin American online journalism for its high-impact investigations and constant experimentation with different formats to tell stories.  Read more »

Digital news summit covers revenue sources, innovation and adapting to a new media environment

“I believe we are actually in the golden age of journalism [and] the possibilities for what is happening are really exciting,” said Michael Maness, the Knight Foundation’s Vice President for Journalism and Media Innovation, at a summit dedicated to understanding the innovative new revenue strategies digital media must adopt to sustain themselves. Read more »

Drones to offer new angle on Salvadorian presidential election

Two media outlets in El Salvador have announced that they are going to use nonmilitary drones to cover the upcoming presidential election. The drones are to provide videos, photos and new perspectives of the Feb. 2 election for the 2014-2019 term, said Salvadorian newspapers El Diario de Hoy and La Prensa Gráfica. Read more »

Media Party brings together techies and journalists, spreads the spirit of Hacks/Hackers in Latin America

The Buenos Aires chapter of the organization Hacks/Hackers is a few days away from the beginning of its second Media Party, which in less than two years has become one of the biggest events on the continent for techie journalists and programmers interested in media. Read more »

10 tips for starting a Hacks/Hackers group in your city

Hacks/Hackers believes meetings between journalists and tech specialists can help create better ideas to innovate the media landscape. The organization, which started in San Francisco and has spread to 60 chapters spread across 25 countries since 2009, works to get “hacks”, as reporters are often called, with “hackers” and re-think how journalism and community media is done. Read more »

Twitter's new video app Vine: The next big thing in social media newsgathering?

Vine, a new app from Twitter, could be the next big thing in social media newsgathering, according to some media watchers. Released on Jan. 24, the so-called “Instagram for video,” allows users to capture six-second looping videos and share them on TwitterRead more »


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