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Brazilian journalist threatened after uncovering $2 million fraud

Brazilian journalist Lúcio Flávio Pinto reported he was threatened by a businessman when he left a restaurant in downtown Belém, the capital of the northern state of Pará, on Dec. 10. Read more »

Protesters forcibly remove photojournalist from police demonstration in Brazil

A Brazilian photojournalist was forcibly removed from a military police strike he was covering at the legislative assembly of São Luis in the state of Maranhão on the morning of Dec. 1, reported the website Gazeta da Ilha. Read more »

Police exposé linked to shooting attack on newspaper, Honduran editor says

Gunmen shot at the offices of the La Tribuna newspaper in Honduras early in the morning of Dec. 5, reported C-Libre. A security guard was injured in the attack but is in stable condition, according to Prensa Latina. Witnesses reported seeing men in a gray vehicle fire 10 shots into the newspaper offices, leaving bullet holes in the walls and shattering a glass door, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Read more »

Pro-Chávez unionists go after local radio host in Venezuela

Members of the Construction Union, a majority of which are affiliated with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's United Socialist Party of Venezuela, threatened and tried to censor journalists on Nov. 28, in the southeastern state of Barinas, reported the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish). Read more »

Angry over story linking police with criminal gang, mob attacks newspaper in Peru

The offices of the Peruvian newspaper El Sol de los Andes in the city of Huancayo, in central Peru, were attacked by a mob protesting the newspaper's publication of stories linking police with criminal groups, according to the newspaper Crónica Viva. Read more »

Twitter becoming a common way to threaten journalists in Venezuela

A journalist critical of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez received threats over Twitter and on his cell phone on Nov. 20, reported the freedom of expression NGO Public Space. Read more »

Brazilian reporter becomes another victim of police violence while covering protests in Chile

Despite the denouncements of international organizations and charges of kidnapping and torturing two photographers, Chilean security forces continue to crack down on the practice of freedom of expression. On Nov. 21, police intimidated and attacked journalists covering a protest against a tribute to a former member of the military dictatorship, reported the website Opera Mundi. Read more »

Bolivian radio journalist stabbed, threatened after criticizing merchants association

A radio announcer was stabbed and beaten in the Bolivian city of El Alto, close to the capital city of La Paz, on Nov. 15, according to the newspaper Crónica Viva. Read more »

Mexican newspaper firebombed in second attack on offices

A local newspaper in the northern Mexican city of Torreón suffered a second armed attacked in the dawn of Nov. 15, reported Radio Fórmula. Read more »


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