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Journalism becoming more interactive and individual-centric, ISOJ research panel says

Journalism is changing quickly, but rather than looking at a general picture of this transformation, a group of scholars researched how this change happens differently to different places and organizations, presenting their results during the second day of the 15th International Symposium for Online Journalism. Read more »

New book makes the case for storytelling and revenue opportunities in tablets

Tablets are quickly becoming another popular platform for consumers to get their news. A recent study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism identified that 22% of US adults own a tablet and of that group, 64% get their news on the tablet. Furthermore, they identified that of the US adults who get their news on a smartphone and tablet – that they are more engaged with the news, read more news on those devices and are more likely to pay for news content. Read more »


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