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Press group creates digital Day of the Dead altar to remember killed journalists in Mexico

The organization Article 19 commemorated the 71 Mexican journalists killed during the last 12 years with a website designed to look like an offering for the Day of the Dead, a Mexican tradition to remember the deceased celebrated each year on Nov. 2. Read more »

Radio broadcaster shot to death in Brazil

Brazilian radio host Edmilson de Souza was shot to death inside the studio where he worked in the city of Itabaiana, Sergipe, on the evening of Sunday, Oct. 28, reported the website Sou de Sergipe. Read more »

Minimum wage for Mexican journalists is $13 a day

Press workers in Mexico face poor wages, job insecurity and a high risk work environment. "The profession's standing has diminished because people know it's dangerous to be a journalist and, furthermore, it doesn't pay well," said Ariel Muñoz, president of the University of Morelia, in an interview with the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Read more »

Missing Brazilian reporter found dead, killed in crime of passion

After going missing for eight days, Brazilian journalist Anderson Leandro da Silva was found dead in a rural area outside Quatro Barras, in the city of Curitiba, on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 18, reported the newspaper Gazeta do Povo. Read more »


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