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Ecuador’s controversial Communications Law in 8 points

With 108 out of 137 congressmen representing the ruling party, the new Organic Law on Communications was approved on Friday, June 14 by an overwhelming majority and without debating any of its provisions -- not even the ones that were added in the last moment. Read more »

New anti-human trafficking law in Bolivia would affect media outlets' finances, journalists say

​The National Press Association of Bolivia, or ANP, described new rules in the country's law against human trafficking as an "attack Read more »

El Salvador's president vetoes reforms that would weaken sunshine law

The president of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, vetoed reforms to the Access to Public Information Law that would have weakened the institution overseeing the law's implementation, according to the website El Faro, on Friday, Feb. 15. Read more »

On eve of elections in Ecuador, legal fears hold back in-depth coverage

A few days before the presidential and parliamentarian elections in Ecuador, which will take place on Feb. 17, journalistic coverage seems to be held back by the fear of lawsuits and other legal liabilities. Read more »


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