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Brazil's new information access law goes into effect

Brazilians can now count on an Information Access Law to obtain data and non-secret government documents without having to provide justification for their information requests. The information access law went into effect on Wednesday, May 16, making Brazil one of 91 countries with freedom of informationlaws, reported ABC News and the newspaper Zero Hora. Also, the decree that regulates this law was signed by President Dilma Rousseff. Read more »

Bolivian Senate proposes law to regulate social networks

The Bolivian Senate has proposed a bill that would regulate social networks, and would be attached to the Law to Fight Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination, reported the news site Eju TV. Read more »

Mexican newspaper self-censors even as legislator proposes bill to fine media for publishing violent photos

Although the headquarters of the Mexican newspaper El Mañana suffered an armed attack in the border city of Nuevo Laredo on the night of Friday, May 11; the reporters of the newspaper managed to finish Saturday's edition and return to work on the next day, reported the newspaper Detroit Free Press. Read more »

Despite criticizing the press, Bolivian President Evo Morales approves bill giving journalists life insurance

Although Bolivian President Evo Morales accused the press of distorting information on the same day the country celebrated Journalists' Day, on Thursday, May 10, the president said that freedom of the press in the country is "guaranteed" and approved a bill giving journalists life insurance, reported the news agency EFE, the newspaper La Razón, and the radio station FM Bolivia. Read more »

Mexican senators approve legislation to protect threatened journalists

On Tuesday, April 24, Mexican senators approved a law requiring the Mexican federal government to offer protection to threatened journalists by providing urgent measures such as bodyguards, armored cars, bulletproof vests, locks, wireless equipment, satellite phones, camera installation, evacuation and even temporary relocation, reported the newspaper Vanguardia. Read more »

Latin America lacks legislation protecting online freedom of expression, book says

"Toward a Censorship-Free Internet ("Hacia una internet libre de censura" in Spanish) is an online book available via free download that analyzes legislation in Latin America addressing freedom of expression and Internet censorship. Read more »

Changes to radio and TV law to benefit indigenous stations in fact would favor Mexican television duopoly, group says

On Thursday, April 12, Mexican federal Congress members approved a series of changes to the current Federal Law of Radio and Television that would allow for indigenous communities to request permits to operate radio stations, according to the organization Cencos and the newspaper La Jornada. Read more »

U.S. civil liberties groups launch online protest against CISPA cybersecurity bill

Internet-wide protests against the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 (CISPA) launched Monday, April 16, as civil liberties organizations fight to stop the controversial bill that critics say threatens free speech, erodes online privacy and encourages companies to share users' private information with the government, reported Reporters Without Borders. The cybersecurity bill's supporters say the legislation is meant to protect national security and prevent cyberattacks on computer networks, according to Mashable. Read more »

Insurance companies deny coverage for journalists working in northern Mexico

Journalists from the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez, the second-most dangerous city in the world, met with Senate candidate Javier Corral to demand a law that would offer employment protection and social assistance to journalists, and prohibit discriminatory practices, reported the newspaper El Mexicano. Read more »


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