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Colombian government urges Supreme Court to overturn libel conviction against columnist

Representatives from the Colombian Attorney General and Prosecutor's Offices asked the Supreme Court to overturn a journalist's conviction for libel, reported the newspaper El Espectador. According to the spokespersons, journalist Luis Agustín González's opinion column is protected by the right to freedom of expression and therefore cannot be charged politically or criminally, added the newspaper. Read more »

Mexican governor files charges against two journalists, media fear 17 more

The state government of Puebla filed a legal complaint against two journalists for "abusing freedom of expression" and the local press reported that the government is considering 17 more similar cases, according the news agency AFP. Read more »

Bolivian court rules insult laws against officials are unconstitutional

The Bolivian Constitutional Court ruled that insult crimes against public officials are unconstitutional, violating citizens' right to freedom of expression, reported the website Prensa Libre. While the decision was dated Sept. 20, the announcement was not made until Tuesday, Oct. 23, by Court president Ruddy Flores, according to the website. Read more »

Haitian prime minister's claim of defamation rejected by American-based journalist

A journalist based in the United States has rejected claims by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe that he was defamed by the reporter for Haiti-Observateur, said Associated Press (AP) on Thursday, Sept. 13. Read more »


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