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Bolivian journalist sentenced to prison for defamation

A Bolivian journalist was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for defamation stemming from a article that linked a lawyer linked with corruption, reported the newspaper La Razón. This is the first criminal sentence against a reporter in Bolivia since 1997, added the news agency EFE. Read more »

Ecuadorian press calls on President Correa to stop campaign against news media

On Sunday, March 11, the Ecuadorian Association of Newspaper Publishers (AEDEP in Spanish) asked President Rafael Correa to end his campaign against the press and to focus instead on real problems that Ecuador is facing, reported the newspaper El Diario. Read more »

Guatemalan journalists deny Swedish Embassy's accusations of defamation

The Embassy of Sweden in Guatemala accused two journalists of defamation for stating on television that the Swedish government finances terrorist groups in this Central American country, reported the Guatemalan Center of News Reports (CERIGUA in Spanish). Read more »

Brazilian publishing company ordered to pay $283,000 for article that allegedly insulted ex-president

The Brazilian Superior Court on Tuesday, March 6, ordered the publishing company Editora Abril to pay roughly $283,000 in damages to the senator and ex-president Fernando Collor de Mello, who claimed he was insulted in an article published by the magazine Veja, reported the news site G1. The publishing company can appeal the ruling. Read more »

Former Mexican attorney general sues journalist for libel over book on drug trafficking

An ex-attorney general sued a Mexican journalist and publishing house for libel over passages published in the book "Los Señores del Narco," or "The Drug Lords," reported Radio Formula. Read more »

After being pardoned for libel, owner of Ecuadoran newspaper El Universo arrives in Panama, where he has been offered asylum

After being offered asylum in Panama to avoid a $40 million libel lawsuit and three years in prison, one of the owners of the Ecuadoran newspaper El Universo, Carlos Pérez Barriga, arrived in Panama on Saturday, March 3, and met with the country's chancellor, Roberto Henríquez, reported the news agency Ansa Latina. Read more »

Ecuador's Correa calls on Latin America to "rebel" against the "dictatorship" of the press

After pardoning the journalists in a $40 million libel lawsuit against the newspaper El Universo, Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa once again attacked the press, saying that in Latin America there exists a "media dictatorship" and that now is the time for "free citizens to rebel against this abuse," reported the news agency EFE. Read more »


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