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U.S. journalists join campaign to demand greater transparency on newspapers' op-ed pages

More than 50 journalists and journalism educators signed a letter calling on The New York Times to be more transparent about the conflicts of interests of those contributing to its op-ed pages, according to the Columbia Journalism Review. Read more »

Hurricane Irene: Media hype or useful coverage?

Now that the threat of Hurricane Irene, the third deadliest to hit the United States since 1980, has passed, media critics are questioning whether journalists went overboard, or whether non-stop hurricane coverage might in fact have saved lives, according to the Christian Science Monitor. Read more »

Brazilian minister of agriculture resigns, claiming he was victim of media campaign

Following accusations of corruption in the Brazilian ministry of agriculture by the magazine Veja and newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Minister Wagner Rossi resigned on Aug. 17, reported BBC Mundo. Read more »

As Murdoch testifies in London, the impact of the News Corp. hacking scandal spreads to the U.S.

The scandal at News Corp., run by billionaire CEO Rupert Murdoch, has expanded from incidents of alleged phone-hacking by the U.K.-based News of the World tabloid to a bribery scandal that has led to multiple arrests and resignations and embroiled Read more »

Coverage of human rights group scandal sparks debate on role of Argentine journalism

A corruption scandal involving a top official at the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo human rights group, the country’s most prominent voice against the Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983), has led media outlets and journalists to accuse each other of biasing coverage for political ends. Read more »

Salacious Weiner story dominates U.S. news, prompts criticism

It's the titillating story that just won't go away: whether U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner will resign in the wake of his online sexual adventures.

Or, as the Pew Research Center's Project in Excellence (PEJ) opened its report on how the Weiner "saga" has dominated U.S. news: "The scandal that launched a thousand puns . . ." Read more »

Mexican editor criticizes U.S. newspapers for lack of front-page coverage of drug trafficking

U.S. newspapers should do a much better job covering drug trafficking in their own cities, charged a Mexican editor who argues the drug cartels love nothing better than to limit coverage of their deadly activities. Read more »


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