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New York Times’ Deputy Off-Platform Editor Millie Tran explains importance of paying attention to stories that thrive on social

By Sunny Kim

We’re spending more time on our phones now than ever, which makes understanding off-platform journalism important for newsrooms, said Millie Tran during her keynote speech April 12 at the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ). Read more »

A Colombian on The New York Times Editorial Board: Ernesto Londoño is making his mark

In just two years as a member of The New York Times editorial board, Colombian journalist Ernesto Londoño has been part of projects that made history at the 165-year-old newspaper. Read more »

ISOJ 2016: Producing good journalism and embracing video important for adapting to digital change: Kinsey Wilson

The strategy of The New York Times for adapting to dynamic change in the consumption and production of news, according to Kinsey Wilson, is to persist in making and offering good journalism. Read more »

First film in New York Times Op-Doc series by Mexican directors tells story of radio host killed on-air

A new documentary about Mexican activist Atilano Román Tirado, who was killed on-air in 2014 during his weekly radio show, is the first in a series of short films by Mexican directors showcased by The New York Times’ Op-Doc Series. Read more »

Interview with correspondent Simon Romero: 15 years of covering Latin America for The New York Times

Simon Romero started at The New York Times in 1999 as a stringer in Brazil. More than 15 years later, he has covered almost every country in Latin America and this week his work will be honored by the Cabot Prize for outstanding reporting on the Americas.

He writes at length on topics as varied as the Brazilian tax code, the U.S.-led War on Drugs in Latin America, animal reserves in the Bolivian jungle, diplomatic relations between South American and Middle Eastern countries and the hunting of the llama-like guanaco in Chile. Read more »

ISOJ academics debate journalism within the age of digital disruption

Journalism researchers struggled to find the relationship between technology, the public, and news writers at the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) on Saturday.

Specifically, researchers tackled the question of defining what journalists know in a profession of constant change. Read more »

Edward Snowden, Time’s Person of the Year runner-up, renewed debate over whistleblowers, "activist" journalism

Last week, Edward Snowden, the computer specialist who leaked in June thousands of documents related to the National Security Agency's surveillance programs, was named runner-up for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Read more »

Meet the 5 instructors from the Knight Center’s new MOOC, "Data-Driven Journalism: The Basics"

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas has brought together a team of experts in data journalism to teach its new MOOC, "Data-Driven Journalism: The Basics." The five instructors are renowned leaders in their field and currently work producing data-based projects for publications like The New York TImes, the Houston Chronicle and ProPublica. Click here to register. Read more »

Seven tips in science journalism for finding good story ideas

Creating narratives in science journalism can be difficult, demanding and time consuming. In many cases the topics are dry, scientific publications are complicated to understand and the research is not always easily accessible. To facilitate the entry of their findings into the media, many universities and scientific magazines periodically pitch story ideas to reporters. Read more »

Daily News Digest: Bloomberg News apologizes for snooping on subscribers

Bloomberg admits to terminal snooping. Bloomberg News issued an apology after former employees revealed that some of its reporters were trained to use a function on the company’s financial data terminals to view limited subscriber contact information and login activity. Read more »


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