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Brazilian journalists launch project #OneByOne to tell the stories of murdered women in Pernambuco

In 2017, the State of Pernambuco in northeast Brazil had the third highest number of violent crimes in the country. Read more »

Fourth radio journalist killed in Brazil this year; a total of 5 journalists have been killed in the country in 2015

Early in the morning on Nov. 10, an unidentified man shot community radio journalist Israel Gonçalves Silva inside a store in Lagoa de Itaenga in Pernambuco state. The journalist had just dropped his children at school. Reports say the man fled via motorcycle without taking anything. Read more »

In new case of judicial censorship, two Brazilian papers are barred from citing politician’s name

A Brazilian court has prohibited Diario de Pernambuco and Jornal do Commercio, two of the largest newspapers in the state of Pernambuco, from mentioning the name or show pictures of the president of the state’s Legislative Assembly, Guilherme Uchoa, news portal Terra reported. The decision also applies to Brazilian station TV Clube. Read more »


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