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Mexico City police detain and injure journalists during march against president

Protests in Mexico City on Dec. 1-- the first anniversary of the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto -- led to the detention of one journalist, aggressions against other two and the throwing of rocks against TV station Televisa's headquarters, reported journalism organization Article 19. Read more »

Journalists fined and kept from entering occupied Belo Monte dam construction site in Brazil

Three journalists were ejected from a Brazilian construction site where indigenous protesters have paralyzed work on a dam in the Brazilian state of Pará on Friday, May 3, World Press Freedom Day. Two were removed from the site by nearly 100 national police officers and the third was fined roughly $500, according to the website Terra.  Read more »

"Cult of secrecy" pervades Canada's Access to Information system, report says

Secrecy is at the heart of the annual Review of Free Expression in Canada released on Friday, May 3, by the organization Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE). Read more »

Brazilian officer confirms police involvement in the killing of two journalists in Vale do Aço

On Friday, April 19, the chief of police in Minas Gerais confirmed the participation of police officers in the killing of two journalists in Vale do Aço, reported the website R7. Members of the civil and military police are under investigation for the killings.  Read more »

Community radio stations in Oaxaca denounce repression for reporting on local wind power project

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has accused transnational buissneses and the local government of attacking and harrassing community radio stations in Oaxaca, Mexico that are opposed to the building of a wind power station in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

On April 4, police officers arrested and attacked journalist Carlos Sánchez Martínez, with Radio Totopo. Sánchez is still being detained, according to the radio station. Read more »

Journalist receives letter bomb in Colombia

A Colombian journalist received a letter bomb on Thursday, March 7, reported the website Caracol Radio. Journalist Juan David Betancur found the explosive at his home in the city of Dabebia, Antioquia, added the website.  Read more »

Former representative attacks reporters with impunity in front of police in Colombia

Two Colombian journalists claimed they were physically and verbally attacked by a former congressman and his wife in the view of police officers, who did nothing to stop the assault, reported the Colombian Federation of Journalists (FECOLPER in Spanish). Read more »


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