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Press leader denounces undue blame placed on private media in Venezuela

As Colombia commemorated the Day of the Journalist on Saturday, Feb. 9, the president of the Venezuelan National Union of Journalists (CNP in Spanish), Tinedo Guía -- who was visiting the Venezuelan state of Táchira at the invitation of the North Santander Journalist Circle, a Colombian organization -- warned about the difficulties reporters face in his country, reported El Universal. Read more »

Venezuelan State TV reporters beaten at opposition political rally

A group of reporters for the Venezuelan State television channel VTV were beaten during a meeting of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD in Spanish), a coalition of political parties opposed to President Hugo Chávez's administration, reported the Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish). Around 20 bodyguards for the mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, started attacking the reporters during the MUD president's speech. Read more »

IPYS Venezuela accuses government of violating press freedoms during elections

The Press and Society Institute (IPYS in Spanish) of Venezuela recorded 19 incidents that affected press freedom in the country during the presidential elections that took place on Sunday, Oct. 7, the group said in a report released on Oct. 11. According to IPYS Venezuela, the events happened between the week before the elections and the days after the results were announced. Read more »

Vanity Fair’s profile of Obama re-opens debate on giving sources the right to approve quotes

The debate over whether journalists should be allowing political figures to approve quotes before they appear in print or online gained strength last week with the news that author Michael Lewis gave the White House quote approval before he embarked on a profile of President Barack Obama for Vanity Fair. Read more »

Fact-checking U.S. political speeches comes under scrutiny

It would seem obvious that checking the veracity of political statements has always been part of the journalist's job, but lately "fact-checking" has become a controversial trend in American presidential politics as the spotlight shifted away from Paul Ryan, the Republican's vice-presidential candidate, to Bill Clinton, the former Democratic president. Read more »


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