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Compelling and original reporting are part of disrupting journalism, Politico editor suggests at ISOJ

Despite most of the day’s focus on page clicks and adapting journalism to new formats and platforms, Politico editor Susan Glasser told ISOJ att Read more »

ISOJ Keynote: Politico editor Susan Glasser will bring a report from Washington on "editing while disrupting"

Veteran journalist Susan Glasser, editor of Politico, will be giving the keynote address on the Friday afternoon of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) set for Austin, Texas, April 17-18. Read more »

New book criticizes relationship between politics and media in Washington D.C.

Talking to NPR, The New York Times Magazine’s chief national correspondent in Washington, Mark Leibovich, describes the scene at the June 2008 funeral of Meet the Press host Tim Russert: Read more »

Colombian journalist threatened after investigating ties between paramilitary, local political groups

A Colombian journalist received a threatening phone call with the sounds of automatic weapons being fired while music played in the background, reported Reporters Without Borders. The threat came as the journalist was finishing a report about paramilitaries in the Boyacá Department, located in the center of Colombia. Read more »

Mexican journalist in critical condition after being stabbed

Just one week from presidential elections in Mexico, a Mexican journalist was stabbed on Sunday, June 24, before entering his house in the city of Oaxaca, in the southeastern part of the country, reported the Center for Journalism and Public Ethics (CEPET in Spanish). Read more »

U.S. government expresses concern about press situation in Argentina

The United States government expressed concern about the press situation in Argentina during a conference about freedom of expression in the world on Wednesday, April 18, reported the newspaper La Razón. Read more »

Paraguayan journalist announces bid for presidency in 2013 elections

On Monday, April 9, a known Paraguayan journalist announced his run for presidency for the 2013 elections, confirming that he would leave his 30-year journalistic career behind, reported the Paraguayan News Portal. Read more »

Journalist in Paraguay accuses senator of making death threats

A Paraguayan journalist said he received a death threat from Senator Robert Acevedo, reported the newspaper ABC Color on Friday, March 2. The senator denied the accusations, saying that it was an attempt to cause him political harm, added ABC Color. Read more »

Police in Nicaragua shoot at editor's truck, detain him for 12 hours

Nicaraguan police shot at the truck of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper La Prensa in Managua, Eduardo Enríquez, and then detained him for 12 hours for obstructing a motorcade with the president of the Supreme Electoral Council and "jeopardizing the lives of officials," according to La Prensa. Read more »


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