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After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rican journalists defy collapse of communications and personal losses to continue reporting

By Teresa Mioli and Evelyn Moreno

International and Puerto Rican media have set up shop in the Puerto Rico Convention Center, creating a de facto newsroom in the same building where officials give press conferences and citizens look for resources. Read more »

Puerto Rican Supreme Court allows cameras in courtroom for first time

The Puerto Rican Supreme Court has passed a resolution that will allow the admittance of journalists and photographers to a hearing this Wednesday, April 11, examining the country's primary elections, reported the newspaper Primera Hora. Read more »

Puerto Rican newspaper illegally fired workers, judge says

A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) judge ruled that a Puerto Rican newspaper, El Vocero, illegally fired 107 employees and closed its circulation department, according to Editor & Publisher. Read more »

Puerto Rican journalist stable after stabbing

José Raúl Arriaga, a journalist for Univisión Radio in Puerto Rico, was stabbed between 14 and 18 times early on Sept. 7 in the town of Corozal, reported El Nuevo Día. The 37-year-old journalist was taken to the hospital, where he was stable and alert, added Primera Hora. Read more »

Puerto Rican senator blocks journalists' access to Congress

For three days in a row, Puerto Rico's Senate President, Thomas Rivera Schatz, prohibited the press from entering the Senate floor, reported El Nuevo Día. This was an unprecedented event in the Senate's history. Read more »


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