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Bolivian state telecommunications company announces criminal proceedings against journalist for report

A Bolivian journalist who reported alleged irregularities in the contracting of the country's state telecommunications company could be criminally prosecuted. Read more »

Government killed almost all independent media in Bolivia, says a journalist awarded with the Cabot Prize

Raúl Peñaranda has been the source of headaches for the powers that be since the start of his journalism career as a teenager in Bolivia. Back then, his subjects were teachers. Now, he focuses on the Bolivian government.

Peñaranda, who created independent media outlets Nueva Economía, La Época and Página Siete, was recognized this year by the Maria Moors Cabot Prize for outstanding reporting on the Americas. Read more »

Journalists covering Latin America and beyond take home Cabot Prizes

This post has been updated to clarify information about "Manhattan Connection" reporting on Petrobras.

Journalists from news outlets of Brazil, Bolivia and the United States took home the 2015 Maria Moors Cabot Prizes awarded by New York’s Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism on August 12. Read more »

Bolivia created “government-operated” media network to control public opinion, new book says

In the last several years the administration of Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has created a media network that is privately owned but is indirectly controlled by the government in an effort to have direct influence over public opinion, according to a new book about the Bolivian government’s relationship with the media. Read more »


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