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Team behind Netflix series ‘Tijuana’ aims to create global awareness of dangers faced by independent journalists in Mexico

Mexico is one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists with at least ten professionals killed this year alone. For many journalists in the country, especially those outside of Mexico City, physical and psychological dangers are a constant for the job.

“Tijuana,” a recent television series from Netflix and Univision, plunges into that reality to show an international audience what it means to practice independent journalism in Mexico. Read more »

Gruesome Tijuana, Mexico find underscores need to humanize stories, border reporter says

View of Ejido Maclovio Rojas, in Tijuana, Mexico, where dozens of dissolved human remains were found last month. Photo: Erin Siegal.

By Nathan Frandino*

WASHINGTON D.C. – Decapitated bodies. Mass graves. Public executions. Read more »


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