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How to make the best of Google with advanced searches, Trends and Public Data

By Caroline Damasceno*

Google is not limited to simple searches. Many users do not take advantages of the full potential of Google's applications and, for journalists, knowing how to use them is especially important. Read more »

7 Mobile Apps to Aggregate Your News

It seems like more and more apps are being released that aggregate multiple news media into one, user-friendly space.  Such apps like MediaToolKit, Flipboard, and Pulse News promise mobile users the ability to get content from their favorite news sources all in one place. 

However, it can be difficult to determine which app works for you. The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas put together a selective list of some news aggregator apps mobile users should consider:   Read more »

6 more digital tools for your data journalism kit

Working with extensive databases and getting good stories out of them requires skills that are not restricted to the classic journalistic workflow. Many professionals have ventured into the world of coding and software and sought better understanding from different fields -- from statistics to design -- to explore this new genre of reporting, which becomes of more interest in newsrooms around the world. Read more »

Guide for reporters who want to master the art of the interview

As part of a reporter's routine, the interview is among the most essential activities. It is the soul of journalism: it can strengthen or implode an issue, give life to narratives and help achieve better understanding of complex developments. Still, the majority of reporters only get better at this skill through trial and error and, sometimes, the error is recorded, leading to embarrassing moments. Read more »

Eight tips for Brazilian bloggers who face judicial persecution

Brazilian bloggers and digital activists have become a constant target for legal attacks, mostly from public officials who seek the removal of content published on the web. Many of these are successful: a timeline produced by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas shows that, just in 2012, the country registered 16 cases in which the courts were utilized as instruments of censorship. Read more »

Seven tips in science journalism for finding good story ideas

Creating narratives in science journalism can be difficult, demanding and time consuming. In many cases the topics are dry, scientific publications are complicated to understand and the research is not always easily accessible. To facilitate the entry of their findings into the media, many universities and scientific magazines periodically pitch story ideas to reporters. Read more »


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