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Protests follow the release of ex paramilitary accused of kidnapping Colombian journalist Jineth Bedoya

Update (June 5, 2015) : The Attorney General of Colombia, Eduardo Montealegre, ordered the recapture of former paramilitary Alejandro Cárdenas Orozco, alias 'JJ', linked to the kidnapping, torture and rape of journalist Jineth Bedoya Lima, reported Semana. Read more »

Paraguayan farm workers torture journalist covering land dispute

A group of farm workers in the Paraguayan town of Capiíbary, in the central department of San Pedro, briefly held and tortured journalist Alberto Núñez earlier this month in the most recent violent attack against him. Read more »

OAS announces investigation into the death of Brazilian journalist killed during the military dictatorship

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), a branch of the Organization of American States, decided to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Brazilian journalist Vladimir Herzog in 1975, during the military dictatorship, reported the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. Civil society organizations filed the request in 2009 and it was accepted by the IAHRC in November 2012. Herzog's family members announced the decision on Tuesday, Jan. 22. Read more »

Brazil's 2012 Human Rights Prize awarded to fallen journalist Tim Lopes

The Brazilian government awarded its most prestigious prize for individuals and institutions that stand up for the defense of human rights to a killed journalist. The president's Secretary for Human Rights awarded the 2012 Human Rights Prize posthumously to Tim Lopes, reported the website G1. Read more »

Study: Newspapers stop calling waterboarding "torture" during Bush years

A new Harvard University study shows that newspapers' definition of "torture" has changed since 2004, leading many bloggers and writers to condemn journalists as complicit in waterboarding. Read more »


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