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Topic “Violence against jounalists”

International journalists condemn growing attacks on press freedom in Nicaragua

From Mexico to the United States, France to Slovenia, Australia to Zambia, 244 international journalists signed a letter addressed to the president of Nicaragua expressing concern about the growing deterioration of press freedom in that cou Read more »

Journalist seeking haven in Mexico City is killed, generating international outrage about violence against media workers

A journalist who had fled Veracruz out of concern for his life has been found dead in Mexico City, calling attention to ever increasing violence against media workers in Mexico and existing protection offered to those who fear for their lives.

He is the seventh journalist to be killed in the country this year and the fourth from Veracruz. Read more »

Mexican activist killed during live broadcast in Sinaloa amid wave of attacks on journalists

Mexican activist Atilano Román Tirado was killed on Monday while giving a live radio broadcast in Mazatlan in the state of Sinaloa. Read more »

Radio director killed in Brazil

The director of a Brazilian radio station in in the city of Jaru, Rondônia, was shot and killed on Oct. 12. Another broadcaster was also injured during the attack.

The victim was Cláudio Moleiro de Souza, director of Jaru's Rádio Meridional, Reporters Without Borders informed. Radio host Alberto Dutra Duran also received non-life threatening injuries. Read more »


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