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Director of Salvadorian newspaper arrested for case resolved 18 years ago

Salvadorian authorities arrested Francisco Valencia, director of the newspaper Co Latino, late Thursday night. Valencia is accused of slandering a now-retired police chief in 1996, El reported. Read more »

Venezuelan authorities detained U.S. correspondent for almost 48 hours

U.S. journalist Jim Wyss recounted his detainment for almost 48 hours by the Venezuelan authorities in an article published on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Wyss, who is the chief correspondent for the The Miami Herald's Andean Region bureau, returned to the United States on Sunday, Nov. 10 after being released the day before, reported news agency EFE.  Read more »

Brazilian correspondent is detained in Yale University after trying to interview visiting judge

The Washington correspondent of Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, Cláudia Trevisan, was arrested on Thursday, Sep. 26 after trying to interview the president of Brazil's Federal Supreme Tribunal (STF) Joaquim Barbosa, who was attending a conference at Yale University. Read more »

Colombian police officer to be tried for manslaughter in the death of arrested reporter

The Internal Affairs Office of the Colombian police accused an officer of involuntary manslaughter for the death of journalist Guillermo Quiroz Delgado, reported the newspaper El Universal. The disciplinary hearing of officer Jorge David Pérez took place on Monday, Feb. 4, at the Sucre department police headquarters, the newspaper added.  Read more »

Blogger arrested in Ecuador after exposing weaknesses in State database

An Ecuadorian blogger was arrested after using President Rafael Correa's information to demonstrate the vulnerability of the government's system on Friday, Nov. 30, reported the newspaper El Universo. Read more »

Colombian officer accused of using excessive force against photojournalist said it was an accident

The Colombian police officer accused of using excessive force against a photojournalist said it was all an accident during his first disciplinary hearing, reported the newspaper El Tiempo. Both the officer and the photographer had an opportunity to detail their sides of the story during the hearing, the daily said. Read more »

Blogger Yoani Sánchez arrested shortly after IAPA names her VP for freedom of expression in Cuba

Update: Sánchez was released on Thursday evening. "I walk the streets of Havana again after being detained for several hours. I'm fine! Thank you for the support!" Sánchez wrote on her Twitter account.


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