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Freedom of expression, an unfulfilled promise in Brazil

The following text was first published at theRead more »

Uruguay to implement new media regulations in 2013

On Friday, Feb. 1, Uruguayan President José Mujica announced that he would implement new media regulations in 2013, reported the newspaper El Diario. Mujica did not specify which regulations would be implemented but new media rules were a central part of his administration's political agenda, approved in 2012, noted the newspaper. Read more »

Relaxation of media law could threaten media diversity in U.S., critics say

The Federal Communications Commission looks poised to revoke a 30-year-old rule banning cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcast stations, according to several sources. The proposed change to the 1975 ban would allow a company to own one newspaper, two television stations and up to eight radio stations in the same media market, according to Free Press. The change would only affect the top 20 largest markets, according to The New York TimesRead more »

UN Special Rapporteur set to participate in debates over media democratization in Brazil

The United Nations Special Rapporteur for Opinion and Freedom of Expression, Frank La Rue, will be in Brazil from Dec. Read more »

Implementation of controversial articles in Argentina's new media law postponed

Updated 06/12/12, 6:41 p.m.: The Federal Chamber on Civil and Commercial Matters of Argentina extended the cautionary measure on grounds of unconstitutionality requested by the media titan Grupo Clarín on two articles of the country's new media law, which was set to go into effect Read more »

Ecuador's president proposes freedom of expression should be a function of the State

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador. Read more »

Outcry in Argentina over statements suggesting government editorial control

Controversy erupted when a member of the Federal Authority for Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCA in Spanish), the organization responsible for implementing the Media Law, mentioned a possible attempt to control the editorial stances of media outlets in Argentina, reported the newspaper La Razón. Read more »

Brazilian lower house approves two cyber crime bills but postpones vote on Internet Bill of Rights

The Brazil's Chamber of Deputies, the lower legislative house, approved two cyber-crime laws and set a date for the vote on an Internet Bill of Rights, reported the magazine Época on Nov. 7. Read more »

Uruguay closes 74 community broadcasters for "proselytizing"

The government of Uruguay ordered the closing of 74 community broadcasters for noncompliance with a law past last Nov. 1, reported the newspaper El País. According to the government, 20 of the broadcasters were proselytizing, added the newspaper. Read more »

Bidding to open for two new television channels in Mexico

The federal telecommunications commissioner in Mexico, Mony de Swaan, announced that it was possible to bid for two new television channels before 2015. That year is the deadline to transition television signals from analog to digital in Mexico, according to the news agency EFE. Read more »


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