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In the shadow of mass shooting in the U.S., questions about social media’s role in breaking news

Social media’s growing reputation as a news source got two black eyes this fall, first from rumor mongering on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy, and then from the media confusion surrounding the events of the mass shooting in Connecticut last Friday, Dec. 14.   Read more »

After coverage of mass shooting in Connecticut, calls for restraint and verification

The U.S. media’s coverage of a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school drew admonishment from media critics and calls for reflection on how the media deals with breaking news. In the aftermath, media critics offered suggestions on how to report more responsibly real-time news in a networked news environment.  Read more »

From Funny Pages to Front Page: an interview with the founders of Symbolia

05-14_jr-headshot05-17_ep-headshotSymbolia co-founders Joyce Rice (above) and Erin Polgreen by Joyce Rice

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…comics journalism? Read more »

Bill moves forward in Mexico to criminalize "crying wolf" on social media

The state congress of Veracruz, Mexico is considering a bill to reform the Gulf state's penal code to punish offenders with one to four years in prison for disturbing public order by publishing fasle alarms regarding emergencies or violent acts, reported the website Animal Político. Read more »

Facebook user poses as Chicago Tribune publisher, declares end to print edition

Jim Romenesko reported on his blog that a Facebook user pretended to be Chicago Tribune Media Group President Tony Hunter and announced the end of the Tribune newspaper’s print edition. The hoax was all too believable, as many U.S. Read more »

How to Use Social Media in the Newsroom: applications open for new online course in Spanish

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas will be offering a four-week online course on “How to Use Social Media in the Newsroom," an introductory training for journalists interested in learning about how to use social media. The instructor, Esther Vargas, a veteran journalist, a specialist in digital topics and founder of, will be teaching the course in Spanish from October 22, 2012 through November 18, 2012. Read more »


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