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YouTube expands role as news source with Election Hub channel

In its growing role as a news provider, YouTube on Wednesday, Aug. 22, announced the launch of YouTube Election Hub, a channel dedicated to covering politics through the U.S. election. Read more »

#NBCFail: In an age of social media, critics unite on Twitter to complain about delayed Olympics coverage

Twitter is taking gold at the 2012 London Olympics -- more tweets were sent Friday, July 27, the day of the opening ceremonies, than were sent during the entire 2008 Olympics in Beijing -- but television network NBC, which has exclusive broadcast rights to the games for the United States, is far from medaling, as critics are complaining that NBC's delayed television coverage just doesn't fit with "the Tweet-it-now world of social media," noted The New York Times. Read more »

New AP social media guidelines provide direction on live-tweeting, "friending" politicians

Illustrating the difficulty of keeping up with the ever-evolving relationship between journalism and social media, the Associated Press (AP) again has updated its social media guidelines for reporters, said the AP wire service. The updates include new directions on how to live-tweet events, and how to "follow" or "like" politicians via their social media accounts. Read more »

Twitter ordered to release Occupy protester's tweets; NY judge says tweets not protected private speech

Raising concerns about free speech and privacy rights on the Internet, New York City Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. ruled Monday, July 2, that Twitter must turn over to prosecutors three months worth of tweets posted by an Occupy Wall Street protester, as well as subscriber information, reported NBC. The judge indicated that "although private speech was protected, the same did not apply to public comments on Twitter," explained The New York Times. Read more »

In rush to be first, CNN, Fox News mistakenly report that U.S. Supreme Court struck down health care law

On a day when millions of Americans were awaiting news on how the U.S. Supreme Court would rule on President Barack Obama's sweeping health care reform -- the court's blog was anticipating so much traffic it had to undergo a series of upgrades -- both CNN and Fox News got it wrong. Read more »

Most Brazilian journalists use Twitter to spread news, new study shows

In 2011, 68 percent of Brazilian journalists used Twitter as their main tool for spreading news, according to a new digital journalism study from Oriella PR Network. The study, which aimed at understanding how the press worldwide is using digital technologies, interviewed about 500 journalists from 15 countries - 84 of those interviewed were Brazilian. Read more »


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