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Brazilian reporter accuses councilman of intimidation

Reporter Márcia Pache, of TV Centro Oeste, the affiliate of the channel Sistema Brasileño de Televisión (SBT) in Mato Grosso, filed another complaint against Councilman Lourivaldo Rodrigues de Moraes, of the city of Pontes e Lacerda, for continuing to intimidate her, reported Comunique-se. Read more »

Longtime CNN editor fired for controversial Tweet

Another journalist has been fired for what was deemed an inappropriate Tweet, raising questions about the fine line journalists must walk between facts and opinions.

Octavia Nasr, a 20-year CNN veteran based in Atlanta, was fired Wednesday, July 7, from the television network after she Tweeted about her respect for a man whom the U.S. considers a terrorist, reported The New York Times and Reuters. Read more »

Disdainful Brazilian TV story about World Cup miffs Paraguay (Commentary)

During the World Cup, the press often takes on the emotions of the fans and makes fun of rival teams. Humor is part of the game. But the tone Brazilian channel SporTv, owned by Globo, used to refer to Paraguay during the recent game has stunned fans, as the channel insulted the country and its people, rather than focusing on soccer. Read more »

Brazilian newspaper considering abandoning print version and moving entirely online

The newspaper Jornal do Brasil, published for 119 years in Rio de Janeiro, is conducting research among its readers to decide whether to do away with the print version and offer only a digital edition. The newspaper published a half-page announcement on June 30 inviting its readers to respond. Read more »

Brazilian journalists unsatisfied with World Cup coverage rules

The frustration of Brazilian journalists with World Cup coverage has drawn the attention of the international press. In an interesting report this week, the New York Times contrasts the proximity and informality of the relationship between reporters and athletes during soccer games in Brazil, with the distance FIFA and coach Dunga have imposed. Read more »

IAPA calls for deaths of Brazilian journalists to be judged at federal level

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) asked the Brazilian government and legislators to approve a proposed Constitutional amendment that would allow killings and attempted killings of journalists to be judged at the federal level. IAPA issued a declaration and sent to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Congress members a letter signed by newspaper readers from across the continent. Read more »

Councilman slaps reporter in face in Brazil

Journalist Márcia Pache, from TV Centro-Oeste, affiliate of SBT in Pontes e Lacerda, west of Cuiabá, was hit in the face on Monday, June 28, by Councilman Lorivaldo Rodrigues de Moraes (DEM), known as "Kirrarinha," according to the website Midia News.

The reporting team recorded the incident (watch the video here). Read more »

Radio reporter shot to death in Brazil

Radio sports reporter Clóvis Silva Aguiar, 48 years old, was murdered Thursday night, June 24, in the city of Imperatriz, in the western part of Maranhão in Brazil, reported the newspaper Jornal Pequeno. He was in the door of his mother's house when two men on a motorcycle drove by and shot at him three times, the newspaper said. Read more »

Knight Center offers "webinar" on electoral coverage in Brazil

With the elections in Brazil coming up in October, the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas is holding its first "webinar" on July 13.
The live, online seminar, “Electoral Coverage Techniques: How to Understand and Analyze Election Polls,” is free and will last two hours, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Brazil time. Read more »

The World Cup beyond soccer: Target of the American right and the campaign against a Brazilian TV station

World Cup coverage has been marked by discussions about more than just soccer games. In the United States, the extreme right declared war against the tournament, seeing it as a foreign ideology, alien to U.S. culture. In Brazil, the fights between the coach Dunga and journalists from Globo television have generated a wave of Internet campaigns against the station. Read more »


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