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Newspapers the fastest-shrinking industry in the U.S.

Using five years' worth of data from the Council of Economic Advisors, LinkedIn has calculated how the job rate has grown or declined in various industries, finding that between 2007 and 2011, the U.S. newspaper industry shrunk the most of any other industry analyzed, LinkedIn reported. Read more »

Program announced for 13th International Symposium on Online Journalism

The program for the 13th International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) has been announced, and the stellar line-up includes journalists from publications like The New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, the Washington Post, Spain's El País, and Argentina's La Nación, and panels on such topics as smart phones, social media, entrepreneurship, and database reporting. Register here for the symposium, to be held April 20-21 at the Blanton Museum of Art on The University of Texas at Austin campus. Read more »

Florida city serves aggressive blogger with cease-and-desist letter

The Florida city of Lauderdale Lakes has sent local blogger Chaz Stevens a "cease-and-desist" legal notice, saying the city will sue for civil damages if the blogger continues his "repeated false allegations, threats, attempted extortion, slander, libel, defamation, and invasion of privacy," reported the Broward-Palm Beach New Times. Read more »

New website launches with tools for public affairs reporting

With slightly more than a week under its belt, the new Reporters' Lab website is aiming to arm reporters with the tools, techniques, and research to better cover stories of public interest, hold the government accountable, and preserve investigative reporting. Read more »

WikiLeaks mostly spurns mainstream media; changes focus from government documents to private company emails

WikiLeaks' latest information release -- The Global Intelligence Files -- has yet to produce any major stories, but what is noteworthy are the media outlets with which the whistleblower site partnered this time around. WikiLeaks cites 25 media collaborators, none of which were among the site's original partner publications -- which condemned WikiLeak's uncensored release of its entire cache of secret diplomatic cables in September 2011 -- calling attention to the wedge driven between WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and mainstream media outlets like The New York Times and The Guardian. Read more »

Newsroom employees of Philadelphia Media Network allege censorship amid potential sale of newspaper company to ex-governor

On Feb. 17th, more than 300 newsroom employees of the Philadelphia Media Network (PMN) signed a statement demanding that the journalistic integrity of their work be upheld as the network negotiates its sale with private investor groups, reported the Philadelphia Inquirer. The statement also expressed “dismay” that journalists’ coverage of the sale has been compromised and censored by corporate management, said Poynter and Politico. Read more »

Journalists gather at IRE workshop to discuss reporting under pressure, violence along U.S.-Mexico border

Guest post by Lise Olsen, Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) board member from 2007-2011, and director of IRE-Mexico from 1996-1998.

Twenty leading journalists gathered in Mexico City on Friday, Feb. 18, to exchange information and discuss ways that Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) can continue to help reporters who, under pressure and often at great personal risk, continue to do investigative reporting on U.S.-Mexico border topics such as children victimized by cartel violence, wasteful government spending, political corruption, cartel operations, as well as the huge economic and social costs of our two nations’ war on drugs. Read more »


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