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AP drops "illegal immigrant" from Stylebook

​The Associated Press reversed its defense of the term “illegal immigrant” and dropped it from the AP Stylebook, according to the wire service’s blog on Tuesday, April 2. 

AP Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll said on the blog: Read more »

WikiLeaks trial criticized as opaque and "chilling" to freedom of speech

Pfc. Bradley Manning (pictured above) admitted to releasing roughly 700,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks in reportedly the largest intelligence leak in history. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Read more »

CPJ asks if media blackouts help kidnapped journalists

Are media blackouts effective—or even ethical—when a journalist has been kidnapped? That’s the question Frank Smyth, a senior adviser for journalist security with the Committee to Protect Journalists, explored in a recent blog post on the organization’s website on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Read more »

On anniversary of Trayvon Martin shooting, journalist reflects on reporting race in the U.S.

Photo from the Million Hoodies Union Square protest against Trayvon Martin's shooting death. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Supreme Court decision limiting student speech approaches 25th anniversary

A landmark Supreme Court decision on limiting free speech at schools and college campuses is approaching its 25th anniversary. Read more »

The line between journalism and ads: Popular blogger, website editor debate ethics of sponsored content

BuzzFeed screenshotBuzzFeed identifies paid content from "featured partners" with a slightly darker background. Source:


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