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Obama's use of government-created content and social media portends future relationships between media, president, says Politico

Politico highlighted the doubts about how often President Obama shoots skeet at Camp David to illustrate the administration's tight control over the commander-in-chief's image. Read more »

Obama's lack of newspaper interviews is a sign of the times, says Washington Post

The Washington Post reported on Saturday, Feb. 10, that President Obama might by the “least newspaper-friendly president in a generation.”  Read more »

Drone hearings prompt New York Times to question broad use of "national security" to silence press

Last week, confirmation hearings for President Obama’s pick to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, reopened debate over the media’s role in balancing national security concerns and freedom of expression. Read more »

Reporter who tried to prohibit retweets now threatens to sue others over use of Twitter images

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 2.05Screenshot of Buhl's Twitter profile with the disclaimer, "No Tweets Are Publishable." The Knight Center removed the images in Buhl's profile from this screenshot upon her request.

After journalist bars others from re-publishing her tweets, questions about privacy and social media

Update 02/07/13: Freelance reporter Teri Buhl contacted the Knight Center and requested the pictures in her Twitter profile be removed from the story, stating that the images are copyrighted and the Knight Center – along with the journalism websites and – do not have permission to publish them. Read more »

Orange County Register bets increased staff and community involvement can make newspapers profitable

Aaron Kushner, the publisher of the Orange County Register is trying a novel approach to saving newspapers: increasing staff and improving community involvement. Kushner has increased the newsroom staff to 270 from 180, including three investigative reporters, when he took over the publication in July 2012, according to the Nieman Lab. Read more »

New study kicks up disagreement over starting salaries for cub reporters in U.S.

Bar graph of median annual salaries for communications graduates in the U.S., according to the Cox International Center. Read more »


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