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New organization crowdsources funds for public interest journalism

Daniel Ellsberg and John Perry Barlow, board members of the recently launched Freedom of the Press Foundation, noted in an op-e Read more »

After coverage of mass shooting in Connecticut, calls for restraint and verification

The U.S. media’s coverage of a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school drew admonishment from media critics and calls for reflection on how the media deals with breaking news. In the aftermath, media critics offered suggestions on how to report more responsibly real-time news in a networked news environment.  Read more »

Warren Buffett reportedly interested in adding Pennsylvania newspaper to his growing media empire

Warren Buffett, via Wikimedia Commons

Is there something Warren Buffett knows that newspaper owners don’t? Read more »

From Funny Pages to Front Page: an interview with the founders of Symbolia

05-14_jr-headshot05-17_ep-headshotSymbolia co-founders Joyce Rice (above) and Erin Polgreen by Joyce Rice

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…comics journalism? Read more »

Washington Post considers going behind paywall in 2013

Long a holdout against the trend of forcing readers to pay for its digital content, The Washington Post looks set to implement a paywall Read more »

Reporter for Cape Cod Times fabricated sources for dozens of stories

The Cape Cod Times announced the latest fabrication scandal of 2012, this time involving a reporter who invented sources for dozens of stories, the newspaper said in a letter from the editor and publisher. The newspaper said that an audit of Karen Jeffrey’s work was unable to locate 69 people for 34 stories the reporter wrote for the publication since 1998. Read more »

Gruesome photo sparks debate over journalists’ role in a crisis

​“DOOMED,” thundered the New York Post on its Tuesday, Dec. 4 cover, with the image of a man seconds away from being struck by a subway train. The victim, Ki Suk Han, died later that day from his injuries, according to the Post. Read more »

New tablet magazine Symbolia pioneers "comics journalism"

A new tablet-exclusive publication launched on Monday, Dec. 3, right on the heels of the news that the first tablet-only newspaper, The Daily, would end circulation on Dec. 15. Read more »

Brazilian media company fined for accusing journalist of spying for the United States

The Brazilian media company Record, owner of the eponymous television broadcaster and the news website R7, was sentenced to pay almost $24,000 in moral damages to the Globo network host William Waack after republishing a blog post alleging Waack was an informant for the U.S. government, reported the magazine Veja. Read more »


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