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Changes at Washington Post prompt renewed discussions over paywall strategy

The recent ousting of Marcus Brauchli from the top editor’s spot at the Washington Post has renewed discussions over whet Read more »

Newspaper readers and Republicans have a lot in common, says media expert

The newspaper industry and the GOP have something in common: an overdependence on older, white men, according to Ken Doctor on his blog for the Nieman Journalism Lab. Doctor blogged that both groups need to fix their demographic problems before they can sure up their long term futures. Read more »

Facebook user poses as Chicago Tribune publisher, declares end to print edition

Jim Romenesko reported on his blog that a Facebook user pretended to be Chicago Tribune Media Group President Tony Hunter and announced the end of the Tribune newspaper’s print edition. The hoax was all too believable, as many U.S. Read more »

Hurricane Sandy coverage illustrates creative emergency reporting

While residents of the United States’ East Coast hunkered down for Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday Oct. 29, they had plenty of online coverage to follow, reported Poynter. Besides maps and online video coverage, the storm prompted newspapers along the eastern seaboard to pull down their paywalls and open access to storm coverage, the website reported. Read more »

Online advertisement sales in U.S. set to eclipse print ad revenue this year

For the first time ever, online advertising revenue is set to eclipse print ad sales in the United States by the end of 2012, Poynter reported on its website Thursday, Oct. 18. Climbing online ad sales will likely not lend a hand to struggling legacy media, however. Read more »

Washington Post journalist David Finkel awarded "genius grant" for his long-form reporting

Washington Post journalist and author David Finkel was named one of 23 MacArthur Fellows on Monday, Oct. 1, according to a press release from the foundation. As the recipient of the “genius grant" from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Finkel will receive $500,000 without any conditions distributed over the next five years. Read more »

In freedom of online speech, U.S. and Cuba at opposite extremes: Freedom House report

The United States and Cuba are at opposite extremes of Freedom House’s Freedom on the Net 2012 report. According to the New York-based organization, the United States was ranked the second most “free” country in the world for online expression, while Cuba was listed as the second to worst.

Freedom House ranked 47 countries as "free," "partly free," or "not free" for its 2012 report, which surveyed six countries in the Americas -- Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela and the U.S. Read more »

More contextualization and fact checking of politicians helps improve election coverage

During election season, political coverage takes on a central role in society and journalists come under pressure to improve news gathering. In the run up to the presidential election in the United States, fact checking of political speeches has become a growing trend.

This new approach is attributed in part to online media since the quantity of information available and the number of sources facilitates the correction of errors and lies in candidate speeches. Read more »


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