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News needs to engage millenials or risks losing them: professor speaks of new book in live panel

Journalists need to find ways to make the news engaging for millenials — the generation born in the 1980s and the 1990s — or risk "living in a world where people are not informed," Prof. Paula Poindexter told a panel on HuffPost Live on Friday, Sept. 21.

"We need to re-think journalism," said Poindexter, author of "Millenials, News and Social Media: Is News Engagement a Thing of the Past?" Read more »

Millenial generation calls news media garbage, boring, and one-sided, says academic's book

A University of Texas at Austin journalism professor has exposed a challenge for the media industry with the recent publication of her book detailing how millenials — people born in the 1980s and 1990s — consider the news to be repetitive, boring, lies, one-sided, propaganda, and garbage. Read more »

Vanity Fair’s profile of Obama re-opens debate on giving sources the right to approve quotes

The debate over whether journalists should be allowing political figures to approve quotes before they appear in print or online gained strength last week with the news that author Michael Lewis gave the White House quote approval before he embarked on a profile of President Barack Obama for Vanity Fair. Read more »

University to close journalism program amidst calls to improve journalism education in the U.S.

Emory University has announced it will be shutting down its journalism program in two years, a decision that contrasts sharply with recent calls for universities to improve journalism education by embracing the digital era, a necessary condition for keeping citizens informed and American democracy healthy. Read more »

Haitian prime minister's claim of defamation rejected by American-based journalist

A journalist based in the United States has rejected claims by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe that he was defamed by the reporter for Haiti-Observateur, said Associated Press (AP) on Thursday, Sept. 13. Read more »

Journal Register bankruptcy sparks debate about "digital first" strategy

The recent filing for bankruptcy by the Journal Register Company (JRC) has sparked a heated discussion about the company's tactics and whether John Paton's "digital first" strategy was truly attracting enough advertising revenue to sustain a newspaper company as it embraced the digital era. Read more »


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