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Video of helicopter killing brings calls for accountability

The footage of U.S. soldiers killing 12 people in Iraq from a helicopter in 2007, including a Reuters photographer and driver, led the International Federation of Journalists to demand a new investigation into the army’s actions. Read more »

Video of U.S. attack that killed Iraqi journalist is leaked online

The nonprofit whistleblower website WikiLeaks has released classified military footage of a July 2007 U.S. helicopter attack in Baghdad that killed 12 people—including a Reuters photographer and driver—and wounded two children, The New York Times reports. Read more »

Journalism in the age of narcos: threats, violence and censorship

Twenty-six reporters—12 from Mexico and 14 from the United States— participated March 26-27 in the McCormick Foundation's Specialized Reporting Institute: Cross-border Coverage of U.S.–Mexico Drug Trafficking. The seminar took place in Austin and was organized by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Read more »

What makes news go viral? Stories that inspire feelings of "awe," study finds

Recent research into the social spread of news showed that readers are more likely to e-mail articles that are positive, practical, or inspire a sense of awe, The New York Times reports. Read more »

Washington press corps feels bypassed by Obama in favor of TV and YouTube

Given the many TV interviews President Obama has granted recently, it would be hard to argue that he hasn’t been accessible to the media. But reporters are complaining that he hasn’t held a news conference since last July, Howard Kurtz writes for the Washington Post. Read more »

Magnum Photo archive sold to Dell computer boss for display at University of Texas

Magnum Photos, a cooperative owned by some of the world’s most distinguished photographers, has sold its New York print archive to an investment firm owned by Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer, who has loaned the images to the University of Texas for public use. Read more »

Freelance writing’s unfortunate new model

James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times says some freelancers have seen their incomes drop by half. Craiglist is announcing blogging gigs that pay $15 a day for two articles of 250-350 words. Pay scales have spiraled downward. 
”Today's reality is that much of freelancing has become all too free."


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