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New report highlights growing violence, impunity in Honduras

In a new report published last week, PEN International, PEN Canada and the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law lamented Honduras’ transition to a life-threatening place where crimes against journalists often go unpunished. Read more »

Honduran Secrecy Law endangers access to public information: RSF

The Law on Secret Information, discreetly adopted by the Honduran parliament on Jan. 13, endangers Hondurans’ access to public information and the transparency of their new government, according to various human rights organizations like Reporters Without Borders. Read more »

Journalist killed in Honduras amidst political tensions, growing violence against the press

A provincial Honduran journalist was gunned down and killed on Dec. 7, Reporters Without Borders informed. Juan Carlos Argeñal, 49, is the third journalist this year to be murdered in the country, all three of whom worked for the same media group. Read more »

Cameraman slain in Honduras had received precautionary measures from the OAS in 2010

The body of Honduran cameraman Manuel de Jesús Varela Murillo, 32, was found with three bullet wounds in the face on Oct. 23 near a popular neighborhood in Tegucigalpa, C-Libre reported. It appeared Varela Murillo had been killed a week before being found Read more »

Honduran crime reporting lacks analysis because of fear for journalists’ safety, investigation found

Superficial crime reporting that relies on bloody photos and spread, but lacks any explanation behind such photos, has become a common occurrence among Honduras' media outlets. The Fundación MEPI, a regional investigative journalism project based in Mexico City, says that its content analysis and interviews with reporters and editors have drawn out multiple reasons behind this growing trend: a lack of government-media implemented safety mechanisms to protect journalists, little access to timely official reports by the authorities, and fear of retaliation, if stories display too much context or insight. Read more »

Kidnapped Honduran journalist found dead after two-week search

The dismembered body of Honduran television journalist Aníbal Barrow was identified on July 10 after a 16-day search, according to the country's Office of the Attorney General.  Read more »

U.S. assists Honduras in search for kidnapped journalist

The army and police in Honduras, with assistance from U.S. agents, continue the search for journalist Aníbal Barrow, kidnapped on June 24 in the city of San Pedro Sula, according to the daily El Heraldo.  Read more »


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