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Human Rights Commission expresses concern over Peruvian journalist jailed for defamation

The Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) warned that the sentencing of Peruvian journalist Fernando Santos Rojas to one year in jail for aggravated defamation severely limits freedom of expression. Read more »

Peruvian government returns radio frequency to The Voice of Bagua

The government of Alan García backtracked and re-instituted the operating license for La Voz de Bagua (The Voice of Bagua), the small radio station closed more than a year ago after the violent unrest in this province of the Peruvian Amazon, reported La República and EFE. Read more »

Former mayor in Peru acquitted of journalist's death leaves prison

Luis Valdez Villacorta, acquitted in February because of a lack of evidence for the killing of Alberto Rivera, was released from prison in Lima, where he had been incarcerated for 21 months, in order to wait for another trial while under house arrest, reported EFE and La República. Read more »

Aspiring councilman in Peru renounces candidacy after admitting he assaulted a journalist

El Comercio reported that Jorge Luis Marimón Lino Montes acknowledged he brutally attacked journalist Ángel Salazar in a dance club, and he announced that he was withdrawing his candidacy for city council.

“Yes, there was aggression on my part but it was a reaction to the initial aggression on his part," the politician said, quoted by RPP. Read more »

U.S. daily orders internal review after journalist convicted of spying

“Betrayed” is the work used in an editorial by the largest Spanish-language newspaper in New York, El Diario-La Prensa, to describe sentiment in the newsroom after one of its journalist pleaded guilty to being part of a Russian spy ring. Read more »

Peruvian journalist accused of spying on U.S. deported to Russia

Vicky Peláez and her husband already are in Russia after being deported along with eight others who admitted they were undercover Russian agents, reported RPP. Read more »

United States arrests Peruvian journalist accused of spying for Russia

Vicky Peláez, a Peruvian journalist based in New York, is among 10 people the United States has arrested and accused of being secret agents for Russia, reported the Associated Press. Read more »

Mayoral candidate's fist fight with radio reporter taped and broadcast on the air

Mayoral candidate Luis Cáceres Velásquez in the Peruvian city of Arequipa cussed at and then punched the face of radio reporter Huber Ocsa Llacasi, knocking his glasses off, after the journalist asked Cáceres why he did not leave an event that he was not invited to, reports Correo.

The entire confrontation was taped and aired on La Ribereña, the station where Ocsa works. Read more »

Two former TV executives flee justice in Peru (Commentary by Paul Alonso)

José Enrique Crousillat and Genaro Delgado Parker, who were two of the most powerful men in Peruvian TV, are now fugitives from justice. Crousillat shamelessly sold the editorial line of América TV (Channel 4) to the mafia of then-President Alberto Fujimori and his intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos; Delgado Parker dodged his continuing debts to his employees, drove Panamericana TV (Channel 5) into failure, and allegedly stole some of its trucks. Now, they’ve both escaped. Read more »

Peruvian court overturns journalist’s defamation conviction

Segundo Carrascal Carrasco, editor of the weekly Nor Oriente, was released by the Supreme Court of Lima, after spending more than five months in prison for defamation, Crónica Viva reports. Read more »


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