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Peruvian journalists release book of investigative research tools in the era of massive data

Update (Aug. 30, 2016): A digital version of "The Swiss Army Knife for Journalists" is now available online in Spanish and English. An interactive version in Spanish is also online. Read more »

Peruvian judge overturns defamation conviction against journalist in case involving former president

By Teresa Mioli and Paola Nalvarte


The defamation conviction against a Peruvian journalist who was accused by former President Alan García Pérez has been overturned. Read more »

Ojo Público: Law on Personal Data Protection should not be used to censor journalists in Peru

The main objective of the creation of the Law on Personal Data Protection– enacted on July 11, 2013 and effective in all of its rules since May 8, 2015 – was to protect the personal data of those who feel vulnerable by its publication, like its comercial use by private companies, up to achieving the removal of news related to information in question from the internet. Read more »

Peruvian journalists are criminally denounced by the government for allegedly revealing state secrets

The news team of the Sunday newscast Panorama was criminally charged by the Peruvian Defense Minister Jakke Valakivi after publishing a official secret documents that allegedly show evidence of embezzlement of resources of the Army Intelligence Service. Read more »

Peruvian and Argentinian news outlets take home international Data Journalism Awards

News outlets in Peru and Argentina took home prizes as part of the 2016 Data Journalism Awards given out on June 16 by the Global Editors Network (GEN). The awards recognize “outstanding work in the field of data journalism worldwide.” Read more »

Data journalism site’s pioneering project provides real-time coverage of Peruvian presidential elections

In order to ensure a more transparent electoral process, on June 5, the Peruvian data journalism portal Convoca decided to carry out a project to provide readers, in real-time and from its own website, the results of the second round of elections for the country’s presidency. The news site also created a social media campaign where people could report irregularities in the voting process. Read more »

Media outlets from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico and Peru nominated for international data journalism award

Investigative pieces using data journalism from media outlets in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia are nominated among finalists in various categories for the Data Journalism Awards 2016, which have been organized by the Global Editors Network (GEN) since 2011. Read more »

Peruvian journalist Mabel Cáceres among the winners of the Courage in Journalism Awards from IWMF

Peruvian journalist Mabel Cáceres will receive the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), which has been awarding women journalists who stand out for their “extraordinary bravery” since 1990.  Read more »

Peruvian, Mexican and Colombian journalists take home Ortega y Gasset Journalism Awards

Peruvian, Mexican and Colombian journalists received the Ortega y Gasset Journalism Awards from Spanish newspaper El País in Madrid on May 5. Read more »

Peruvian journalist sentenced for opinion column on World Press Freedom Day

Peruvian journalist Rafael Léon was sentenced for the crime of defamation on May 3, according to newspaper La República. Read more »


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