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Fujimori reviewed content of anti-opposition newspapers before publishing, witness says

Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) received the headlines and contents of the country's infamous tabloid newspapers known as "prensa chicha" before they were published, according to recent testimony heard at Fujimori's most recent trial over accusations that his government financed the newspapers in hope of boosting his 2000 election campaign. Read more »

In Bolivia, journalists criticize access to information bill; in Peru, transparency law is not used enough

For Bolivian investigative journalist Raúl Peñaranda, a columnist and former director of the independent newspaper Página Siete, access to information in his country is extremely limited.

In August, the Congress of Bolivia approved the first part of a bill on access to public information, which does not have the support of journalists in the country because it's seen as a a threat to freedom of expression and an obstacle to investigative journalism. Read more »

Peruvian newspaper La República sues competitor El Comercio for monopolistic practices

After a heated debate during the 69th General Assembly of the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) over Peruvian media conglomerate Grupo El Comercio's recent purchase of more than half of the shares of publishing group Epensa, media firm La República announced it will file a lawsuit against its competitor for monopolistic practices.  Read more »

New computer crimes law in Peru threatens freedom of information, organizations say

The President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, enacted the Computer Crimes Act last week, which criminalizes the unauthorized creation and use of electronic databases, among other things, with up to five years in prison. Several lawyers and journalism organizations have criticized the law, saying it will endanger Peruvians' right to freedom of expression and information. Read more »

Peruvian journalist sues politicians, media outlets for digital intrusion as part of controversial corruption case

Peruvian investigative reporter Mónica Vecco filed a criminal complaint against five persons -- among them politicians and media directors -- for allegedly having broken into her email and using several messages out of context to accuse her of helping a fugitive escape the country. According to her complaint, the actions were part of a plan to discredit her and, ultimately, the recent congressional and journalistic efforts to investigate alleged acts of corruption committed during the administration of former Peruvian President Alán García. Read more »

Peruvian journalist receives two defamation sentences in two days

Humberto Espinoza Maguiña, a Peruvian journalist and the former editor of the daily newspaper Prensa Regional, was sentenced twice for defamation, between Sep. 18 and 19, for denouncing alleged acts of government corruption by César Álvarez Aguilar, the regional president of Áncash, a northeastern region to the north of Lima. Maguiña received two years of prison, 120 days of community service and a fine of 5,000 soles (around $2,000), according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Read more »

Fujimori to face new trial from prison for bribing Peru’s "chicha" press with public funds

A new trial against Peru's former president Alberto Fujimori will begin on Oct. 17, this time for misappropriating almost $44 million from the Peruvian Armed Force budget. Fujimori is accused of using the money to bribe the owners of eight Peruvian tabloids of the yellow press, also known as “chicha” newspapers, and purchase their support during his third reelection campaign in 2000, the country’s anti-corruption prosecutor assistant, Joel Segura, told the news agency Andina. Read more »

Media group El Comercio to control 78% of Peru’s newspaper market

Following the purchase of 54% of the shares of the printing and marketing branch of Empresa Periodística Nacional S.A. ( Epensa in Spanish), publishing company El Comercio has become the largest media owner in the country. Will the move have an impact on journalism and freedom of expression in Peru? Read more »


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