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Venezuela calls for investigation into U.S. funding of two press organizations

The pro-Chavez Necessary Journalism Movement asked the Venezuelan government to investigate the Institute of Press and Society (IPYS) and Public Space, which according to declassified documents receive millions of dollars in funding from the U.S. government, reported El Universal and El Nacional. Read more »

Venezuelan police arrest two people for spreading bank rumors on Twitter

Two Twitter users -- a 35-year-old woman and 41-year-old man -- were arrested last week in Venezuela, accused of using the social network site to spread "false rumors" in an attempt to "destabilize the national banking system" after the take-over of Banco Federal for liquidity problems, reported El Nacional and EFE. Read more »

Chávez issues new warning to opposition channel Globovisión

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez upped his verbal attacks against opposition television station Globovisión, and reiterated that the government could confiscate the channel's stock in order to recuperate the money he alleges the station owners stole, reported El Universal and the Associated Press. Read more »

Opposition TV station owner charged with financial crime, sought for extradition to Venezuela

The prosecutor's office believes it has sufficient evidence to charge Guillermo Zuloaga, president of the news station Globovisión, the only channel critical of the government still on the air in Venezuela, reported El Universal. Read more »

On Day of Journalist, media issues a call for information access and freedom of expression

Journalists throughout Venezuela celebrated Day of the Journalist on Sunday, June 27. In Caracas, journalists took to the streets, fighting for freedom of expression and an end to attacks against the media, reported El Universal. Read more »

Press freedom under attack as Day of the Journalist approaches

As Venezuela prepares to celebrate the Day of the Journalist on Sunday, June 27, journalists in that country have found themselves confronting in the past two weeks numerous challenges to the freedom of expression, according to an analysis in El Tiempo. Read more »

Chavez warns he could confiscate opposition channel's shares

The government offensive against the channel Globovisión isn't stopping. The Venezuelan president warned he could expropriate the television station's shares, increasing pressure against the last opposition channel in the country, reported Reuters. Read more »

Fugitive TV executive condemns Venezuela's Chávez

Guillermo Zuloaga, the fugitive owner of Venezuela's 24-hour news channel Globovisión, has accused President Hugo Chávez of ordering his arrest to silence his criticism of the government, Reuters reports. Read more »

Journalists harassed over images that portray Venezuelan government as wasteful

Carmen María de Finol, a reporter for La Mañana newspaper, says she and photographer Yunior Lugo have received anonymous phone calls threatening to take legal action against them. Read more »

Homemade bombs thrown at newspaper offices in Venezuela

A group of people in a car threw five Molotov cocktails at the headquarters of the Capriles newspaper chain, one of Venezuela's leading media conglomerates, Tal Cual and Últimas Noticias report. Read more »


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