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U.S. court dismisses reporter's claim of false arrest

A U.S. federal appeals court has ruled against a reporter who said police roughed him up while he was covering an Iraq war protest in 2004, according to the Associated Press (AP). Read more »

Why isn’t the Brazilian press covering the freedom of information law? (Analysis)

By Greg Michener

Despite a growing need for transparency and access to information in the public sector, Brazil remains one of the few Latin American countries that still has not approved a freedom of information (FOI) law. The relatively weak news media coverage of a freedom of information law in Brazil is one of the key factors that can explain why proposals have been floating around Congress since 2003 without finding closure and, consequently, why citizens still have no right to access information. While an information access bill was introduced in Congress in May 2009, it still is awaiting approval in the Senate. Read more »

New tool assesses freedom of information laws around the world

With "Right to Know Day" coming up Sept. 28, the freedom of expression group Article 19 has launched a draft method of a tool designed to analyze countries' information laws.

The Global RTI (Right to Information) Index, an expansion of a pilot project in Mexico in 2009, helps evaluate information laws across countries. Read more »

California sheriff to hand over records in journalist's death to watchdog agency

In response to public pressure and an information request from the Los Angeles Times, a California sheriff has agreed to turn over documents related to the 1970 slaying of a journalist by a deputy, the Los Angeles Times reported. Read more »

Reporters Without Borders clarifies that criticism of WikiLeaks is not a "call for censorship"

After slamming WikiLeaks in an open letter to Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blower website, Reporters Without Borders on Tuesday, Aug. 17, issued a clarification reaffirming its support for the site.

After WikiLeaks posted online 92,000 classified documents about the Afghanistan war, Reporters Without Borders criticized the site's lack of responsibility. Read more »

California sheriff won't release records on journalist killed during 1970 protest

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is refusing to release 40-year-old records related to the death of Ruben Salazar who was killed by a deputy while covering a war protest in 1970, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Salazar, a Mexican-American community advocate, columnist for the Los Angeles Times and news director for KMEX-TV, believed police were following him and trying to discredit him. Read more »

Coast Guard enacts "safety zone" around oil spill, limiting journalists' access to site

Nearly three months after BP oil began spilling into the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard has instituted new rules hampering journalists' coverage of the disaster. Read more »

Video of helicopter killing brings calls for accountability

The footage of U.S. soldiers killing 12 people in Iraq from a helicopter in 2007, including a Reuters photographer and driver, led the International Federation of Journalists to demand a new investigation into the army’s actions. Read more »


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