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Protesters throw rocks, injure reporter in Argentina

Protesters outside the city hall of the Argentine city of Córdoba threw rocks at a cameraman and freelance photographer on Wednesday, Jan. 9, reported the website Sin Mordaza. José Escuerdo, cameraman for Canal Doce, and Paul Amiune, freelance photographer were covering the demonstrations over a fare increase for urban passengers, added the website.  Read more »

Venezuelan government broadcasts videos of healthy Chávez and pressures media to present picture of stability

President Hugo Chávez might be recovering from cancer treatment in a hospital in Cuba but he is everywhere on the streets and televisions of Venezuela: on t-shirts, posters, photographs, and, most recently, videos with archive images of the fiery leader strong and healthy in front of crowds, making speeches and greeting voters and children.  Read more »

Mexican TV network asks Nicaraguan authorities to investigate if its employees took part in money laundering scandal

Mexican television network Televisa requested the attorney general of Nicaragua invesitgate whether a current employee of the broadcaster signed the letter of accreditation presented by 18 Mexicans accused of money laundering Read more »

Judge admits phone records as evidence in money laundering case against 18 Mexican "fake journalists" in Nicaragua

As part of a money laundering case against 18 Mexicans who impersonated journalists for the Televisa television network in Nicaragua, Judge Edgard Altamirano allowed the phone records of the supposed leader of the group, Raquel Alatorre Correa, to be admitted as evidence, according to the website Sin Embargo.  Read more »

Fundamedios calls for civility as tensions rise between State-run and private media

The Ecuadorian media organization Fundamedios called for greater tolerance and mutual respect between state and private media in the Andean country, the group said on its website. According to Fundamedios, the polarized climate in which journalists practice their craft contributes to verbal abuse and insults between reporters.  Read more »

New telecommunications law takes effect in Guatemala restricting community radio

The president of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina, approved the reform to the General Telecommunications law, which extends leases on the current broadcast spectrum for another 20 years and weakens indigenous groups' access to radio frequencies, according to the newspaper Prensa Libre on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Read more »

Filmmaker pulls his documentary on Rafael Correa after Ecuadorian government pressures U.S. broadcaster to "censor" it

The director of a documentary about Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa refused to air his film on a U.S. television channel after an official requested the station makes some changes in their broadcast, according to Fundamedios.  Read more »

Guards for state prosecutor brutally beat reporter in Mexico

A guard for the attorney general of the Mexican state of Coahuila brutally beat Televisa correspondent Milton Andrés Martínez, according to the websit Read more »

Brazilian television reporters protest the award of the Esso Prize to newspaper Folha de São Paulo

A group of reporters from the television network Record sent a letter to the organizers of the Esso Journalism Prize, the highest journalism prize in Brazil, questioning the newspaper Folha de São Paulo's qualification as a finalist. Read more »


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