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IAPA criticizes government propaganda campaign against Ecuador's media

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) condemned an “aggressive" television ad campaign by the government of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa against independent news media.

According to IAPA, the ads, which aired during World Cup soccer games, accused the press and radio and television stations of "distorting the truth, attempting to return to running the country as the strongmen and creating a dictatorship under certain media." Read more »

Journalist faces third trial for story about ex-mayor

After already serving a six-month sentence, Ecuadorian journalist Fredi Aponte again is in court, this time for fraudulent bankruptcy, according to El Universo.

Aponte never paid the "moral" damages stemming from a previous case that began after the radio journalist reported that the ex-mayor of Loja, José Bolívar Castillo, had illegally taken possession of some land. Read more »

Lawmakers look to toughen Ecuador's media bill

There are several new updates in the political process surrounding Ecuador’s polemic Communications Law:

The deadline for a final version of the bill has been extended to July 2nd, giving legislators 12 days to add or remove provisions, Hoy reports. Read more »

Public employee drops libel charges against opinion columnist in Ecuador

The debate over criminalization of opinions and information was swept under the rug again in Ecuador. The lawsuit against the opinion editor of El Universo newspaper, Emilio Palacio, ended in surprise after a high government official withdrew the libel charges against him, El Comercio and EFE report. Read more »

Ecuador’s info access law doesn’t do enough, citizen groups say

This week marks the sixth anniversary of the country’s transparency and information access law, but some say the way it works in practice leaves much to be desired, BBC Mundo reports. Read more »

Ecuador's government to sell TV channels seized in 2008

While Chile's president is pressured to sell his stake in a TV channel, Ecuador's Rafael Correa administration ordered the sale of parcels of shares in two TV stations that were seized by the state almost two years ago, El Universo reports. Read more »

Ecuador to grant radio frequencies to indigenous nations

Ecuador's 14 indigenous nationalities will be able to present proposals that will help them get low-frequency radio permits for at least one citizen-based, "community radio" station in each nation, El Telégrafo newspaper reports. Guidelines should be available in two weeks. Read more »


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