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2013 concludes with 174 attacks against freedom of expression in Ecuador, report says

With 174 documented aggressions against media outlets, journalists and citizens,  2013 was one of the most violent years against freedom of expression in Ecuador, according to a recent report from NGO Fundamedios. Read more »

Impunity, the biggest threat to freedom of expression in the region, IFEX report says

In the last 20 years, 670 journalists have been killed in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to delegates from the IFEX-ACL alliance, which recently presented their Annual Report on Impunity 2013: "Faces and Traces of Freedom of Expression in Latin America and the Caribbean." The crimes -- most of which remain unsolved -- have turned impunity into the biggest threat to freedom of expression in the region. Read more »

Ecuadorian government concentrates media, spends millions in state advertising, report says

The government of President Rafael Correa currently holds 21 different media properties that include 14 impounded outlets, three public ones and four at the state level, according to the recent report Read more »

Ecuador’s new penal code could limit right to freedom of expression, report says

At least 15 articles of Ecuador's new Organic Penal Code, partially approved by the National Assembly, could limit freedom of expression and turn into a tool to persecute citizens critical of the government, according to a report published by NGO Fundamedios. Read more »

Six days after its launch, new investigative site in Ecuador receives its first death threats

The launching of news site Plan V was quick  – almost as quick as the first threats the new publication received. Read more »

Government officials in Ecuador close down radio station after 34 years of operation

Government officials closed down a radio station and confiscated the equipment on Wednesday, Sep. 18, in the city of Guayaquil (southeast of the nation), informed news agency AFP. According to the Supervisor of Telecommunications, Supertel, the closure was due to the station operating illegally, reported AFP. Read more »


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