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Violence and government hostility are the biggest challenges to journalism in the Americas, CPJ says

The role of journalists as guardians of democracy faces more dangers each and every day due to an increase in organized crime and government repression and corruption in the Western Hemisphere, said Carlos Lauría, the Senior Americas Program Coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), in front of the US House of Representatives Thursday. Read more »

Police and demonstrators attack 20 journalists during Independence Day protests in Brazil

The Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji in Portuguese) registered 21 cases of violations against 20 journalists during the protests on Saturday, Sept. 7. Police agents were behind 85% of the attacks -- or 18 cases -- most of which involved the use of pepper spray. The number may increase as more cases are confirmed. Read more »

Court orders incarcerated U.S. journalist not to discuss his case with the press

In a decision being criticized as the latest instance of government prosecutorial overreach against freedom of expression, a U.S. federal court has barred incarcerated journalist Barrett Brown from disclosing information to the media regarding his ongoing case, The Guardian reported. Brown faces 105 years in prison related to his reporting on the hacker collective Anonymous and private intelligence firm Stratfor. Read more »

Freedom of expression, an unfulfilled promise in Brazil

The following text was first published at theRead more »

Jamaica leads hemisphere in press freedom, but defamation laws remain an issue

The country in the Americas with the highest degree of press freedom may come to some as a surprise: according to Reporters Without Borders' 2013 Press Freedom Index, Jamaica holds the top spot. Read more »

Eight tips for Brazilian bloggers who face judicial persecution

Brazilian bloggers and digital activists have become a constant target for legal attacks, mostly from public officials who seek the removal of content published on the web. Many of these are successful: a timeline produced by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas shows that, just in 2012, the country registered 16 cases in which the courts were utilized as instruments of censorship. Read more »

Correa’s "stigmatizing discourse" could be encouraging attacks against Ecuadorian press, NGOs say

The tense relationship between the government of President Rafael Correa and private media outlets and freedom of expression organizations in Ecuador is widely known. Lawsuits, media property seizures and bans on interviews with public officials are part of everyday life for journalists in the country. Read more »


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