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After 80 years, Newsweek magazine ends its print edition

Newsweek magazine, the second largest news weekly in the U.S., will publish its last print edition on Dec. 31 this year, announced editor-in-chief Tina Brown and Newsweek Daily Beast CEO Baba Shetty on the publication’s website on Thursday, Oct. 18. Read more »

Journalism’s Future: A webinar with Dan Gillmor; register now

Where is journalism heading? What is the role of entrepreneurship in today’s complicated media landscape? Journalists from Latin America and the Caribbean can learn about these and other topics during the two-hour webinar, “Journalism's Future: Conversation, Data, Entrepreneurship,” that will be offered in English on Tuesday, Oct. 16, by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas. Read more »

Collaborative mapping of fires in Brazilian favelas showcases possibilities for crowdsourcing the news

Brazilian reporter Patrícia Cornils got a surprising response after sharing on Facebook a Google Docs worksheet listing fires in the favelas of São Paulo. Several people joined the collaborative reporting project that became Fogo no Barraco (Fire in the Shanty), an interactive map that cross references data on fires with real estate appreciation near the affected areas. Read more »

Survey finds 24 percent of online media in Argentina have no print version

The Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA in Spanish) released the results of a study on digital journalism in the South American country on Sept. 14, reported the organization.

The survey found that 24 percent of digital media do not have a print version, 94 percent of editors believed that social networks support their work, 23 percent have an employee dedicated exclusively to answer questions on social media, and 80 percent do not have a style manual. Read more »

News needs to engage millenials or risks losing them: professor speaks of new book in live panel

Journalists need to find ways to make the news engaging for millenials — the generation born in the 1980s and the 1990s — or risk "living in a world where people are not informed," Prof. Paula Poindexter told a panel on HuffPost Live on Friday, Sept. 21.

"We need to re-think journalism," said Poindexter, author of "Millenials, News and Social Media: Is News Engagement a Thing of the Past?" Read more »

Journalism schools should emphasize coding and practical teaching, experts say in NiemanLab series

The Nieman Journalism Lab has kicked off the new school year in the United States with a series of thought-provoking articles by academics and professionals on how journalism schools can improve their mission of molding future journalists, advice that included learning by doing and embracing coding. Read more »

Millenial generation calls news media garbage, boring, and one-sided, says academic's book

A University of Texas at Austin journalism professor has exposed a challenge for the media industry with the recent publication of her book detailing how millenials — people born in the 1980s and 1990s — consider the news to be repetitive, boring, lies, one-sided, propaganda, and garbage. Read more »

University to close journalism program amidst calls to improve journalism education in the U.S.

Emory University has announced it will be shutting down its journalism program in two years, a decision that contrasts sharply with recent calls for universities to improve journalism education by embracing the digital era, a necessary condition for keeping citizens informed and American democracy healthy. Read more »

Municipal elections in Brazil offer newspaper chance to explore data journalism

On Monday, Aug. 20, the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo announced the launch of the website FolhaSPDados, an online resource for the up-coming mayoral elections in the city of São Paulo. The website will feature interactive maps and infographics to illustrate and accompany the newspaper's coverage of the election's main themes. Read more »


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