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One year after the murder of Regina Martínez, the demand for press protection grows

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the killing of Mexican journalist Regina Martínez, hundreds of journalists in 20 Mexican cities took to the streets on Sunday, April 28 to demand protection for the press and investigations into crimes against journalists.  On Storify and Tumblr, journalists published images and text about the unpunished killings and attacks on journalists. Read more »

FLIP demands response from Colombia's top prosecutor on looming expiration of cases of killed journalists

Facing the possibility that three more cases of killed journalists might expire this year, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, FLIP, demanded that Colombia's Attorney General take all the necessary steps to bring the cases to justice, said the organization in a statement.  Read more »

CPJ presents report to Supreme Court of Brazil on threats against journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists submitted a report on threats against the press in Latin American countries to the president of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil, Joaquim Barbosa, on Wednesday, March 6, reported the Court's website. Read more »

Proposal to federalize investigations of crimes against journalists gains ground in Brazil

On Monday, March 4, the Social Communication Council of the National Congress of Brazil approved a request to speed up voting on a proposal to federalize the investigation of crimes against journalists, said newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. Read more »

Government of Mexico to investigate journalist security contractors

The Mexican federal government will carry out an audit of all contracts given out to provide security to journalists and human rights advocates during the administration of former president Felipe Calderón (2006-2012), according to the Campaign for Free Expression. Read more »

Former representative attacks reporters with impunity in front of police in Colombia

Two Colombian journalists claimed they were physically and verbally attacked by a former congressman and his wife in the view of police officers, who did nothing to stop the assault, reported the Colombian Federation of Journalists (FECOLPER in Spanish). Read more »


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