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Under new ownership, Venezuelan TV station loses thousands of Twitter followers after firing journalist

Thousands of Venezuelans that used to support Globovisión, a television channel that before being sold a few weeks ago was known for its opposition to the Chavista governmentexpressed their resentment on Twitter and​ unfollowed the channel after journalist Francisco 'Kiko' Bautista was fired, reported newspaper El Universal. Read more »

Daily News Digest: Land restitution coverage in Colombia leads to threats against journalists

Land restitution coverage leads to threats in Colombia. “A shadowy group that claims to oppose land restitution efforts in Colombia has told eight journalists who cover the issue to leave the northern city of Valledupar or be killed, according to CPJ interviews and news reports.” Read more »

Daily News Digest: Registration is now open for the 8th Global Investigative Journalism Conference

Registration is now open for the Eighth Global Investigative Journalism Conference, which will take place from October 12 to 15 in Rio de Janeiro. Read more »

Daily News Digest: Story on Guatemalan massacre survivor wins award for excellence in trauma coverage

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma will honor today the winners of this year’s Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma. Among the winners are Mexico’s Fundación MEPI, This American Life and ProPublica, who received the award for their stories “Finding Oscar” and “What Happened at Dos Erres.” The multi plataform package tells the story of one of the only two known survivors of a 1982 massacre in a Guatemalan village. Read more »

ISOJ: Engaging audience members remains key to harnessing social media

By Nathan Frandino

Avery Holton of the University of Texas at Austin speaks at the International Symposium on Online Journalism/ Natalie Krebs for The Knight Center.

Social media is here to stay, but will the media learn to be social and actually engage? Read more »

Need for speed leads to erroneous reports of an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombing

Two days after explosions rocked the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring over 170, anticipation mounted on Twitter as news organizations reported that there had been a “major breakthrough” in the investigation. At 12:42 p.m., The Associated Press tweeted that authorities had arrested a suspect. CNN, Fox News and The Boston Globe quickly echoed the report. Read more »

Boston Marathon bombing underscores need for thorough, responsible coverage of tragic breaking news

     Boylston Street in Boston after the bombing. Source: John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe Sports Read more »

Daily News Digest: Front pages & stories behind the stories highlight tragedy in Boston

April 16 cover of The Sun Chronicle. Poynter via the Newseum.
  • Front pages & stories behind the stories highlight tragedy in Boston [Poynter]

Don't be fooled: Five tips to check information on Twitter

There is no lack of stories about false or misleading material that comes out of the rush to publish information shared on social networks. In one recent case, the Brazilian sports journalists Farid Germano Filho of Pampa announced on Twitter that Argentine footballer Enrico Cabrito signed with the Brazilian Grêmio soccer club. Hours later, it was revealed that the athlete had been made up by netizens and Germano Filho's social media account had been hacked. Read more »